the cloud service for data multi-tenancy.
petranna.db is a managed service over the Cloud that transforms any RDBMS, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, to a SaaS-ready™ datastore.
it transforms any existing database, by altering the database schema to a multi-tenant one. additionally, it offers the appropriate data adapters to the data access layer of the application for the exploitation of the database schema multi-tenancy, resulting in a codeless implementation of data multi-tenancy for ISVs & SIs.
a multitenant architecture solution for ISV’s& SI’s
software vendor (ISV)
if you are a software vendor and you are plannning on transforming your back-end datastore to a SaaS-ready™ one, petranna.db is the ideal solution for you.
petranna.db can offer you:
  • minimized development costs for SaaS engineering
  • less probability of failure during SaaS engineering
  • SaaS expertise in-a-box
system integrator (SI)
if you are a system integrator and are involved in complex SaaS projects, petranna.db is the 'out of the box' technology for data-multitenancy transformations that is solution that is optimal for you.
petranna.db can offer you:
  • multiple vendors policy
  • time-to-market project delivery
  • minimized integration costs
advantages of multi tenancy
petranna.db @design-time
petranna.db @run-time
petranna.db @provision-time
petranna.db @admin-time
SaaS multi-tenant database design using petranna.db service
  1. the architect of the subscribed ISV alters the existing database schema to a multitenant aware.
  2. the architect configures the appropriate data adapters to consume the transformed database schema.
  1. the preconfigured data adapters transform the SQL statements, by combining them with tenant metadata, which results in a multi-tenant centric dataset or operation.
  1. petranna.db registers tenant identity.
  2. petranna.db applies multi-tenant centric changes on logical, security and physical database schema.
  1. ISV administrator manages & operates a multi-tenant database.
  2. tenant administrator manages & operates conseptual tenant database.
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