the digital tranformation service for your data (watch our video)
petranna.db  addresses the needs of all those involved in SaaS transformations, and especially software vendors and system integrators, and offers an effortless transition of their data to the cloud with drastically reduced costs.
petranna.db is a unique managed service over the Cloud, that provides database service as multi-tenant ready, allowing any number of tenants on the same RDBMS instance by altering the database schema into a multi-tenant one. The transformation takes place in an effortless and codeless way and offers:
  • Data isolation of database schema at tenant-level
  • Tenant centric Backup & restore options
  • Restoration to previous non-multitenant state
  • Exit availability at any time
petranna.db is the only ''off-the-shelf'' service in the market that offers data multi-tenancy & database service ''in-a-box''.
petranna.db client benefits:
  • Multi-tenant data schema transformation in a few clicks
  • Maximization of database resources by supporting any number of tenants on the same RDBMS instance.
  • Systemic economies of scale & costs minimization (reduces infra, s/w development, maintenance & operations costs)
  • Time to market for their software products & services
Why multitenancy:
Following the widespread adoption of cloud computing and in turn SaaS applications, multitenancy architecture has become very attractive since it offers multiple benefits compared to single tenant models. One of the main reasons that SaaS has gained ground in the application development industry is the fact that it is offering an architecture that helps in adopting a cost-cutting methodology. However, SaaS applications can only reap these benefits if they are opting for the multi-tenant architecture.
petranna.db transforms any RDBMS, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, to a SaaS-ready™ datastore by altering its schema to a multi-tenant one.
petranna.db capitalizes on the basic characteristic of myltitenancy architecture, which is 'Economies of scale'  and the result is reduced costs in terms of development, maintenance, implementaion and integration.
petranna.db, a Cloud agnostic service, helps software vendors transform their back-end datastores to SaaS-ready™ ones and assists system integrators in managing data multi-tenancy related projects efficiently with an 'in-a-box' solution.
a multitenant architecture solution for ISV’s& SI’s
software vendor (ISV)
if you are a software vendor and you are plannning on transforming your back-end datastore to a SaaS-ready™ one, petranna.db is the ideal solution for you.
petranna.db can offer you:
  • minimized development costs for SaaS engineering
  • less probability of failure during SaaS engineering
  • SaaS expertise in-a-box
system integrator (SI)
if you are a system integrator and are involved in complex SaaS projects, petranna.db is the 'out of the box' technology for data-multitenancy transformations that is solution that is optimal for you.
petranna.db can offer you:
  • multiple vendors policy
  • time-to-market project delivery
  • minimized integration costs
advantages of multi-tenancy
petranna.db world-wide innovation is that it comes "in- a-box", which means that our customers can achieve multitenant data schema transformation in few clicks with codeless implementation and integration benefiting:
  • disruptive costs for SaaS-ready datastores
  • database elasticity for any number of tenants on the same RDBMS node
  • faster time to market
the next best alternative to our solutions is: manual transformation, which apart from being time consuming, includes high risks and costs as it requires maintaining an internal dedicated team with specialized knowledge and skills.
petranna.db reduces costs of moving databases to the cloud and increases the speed of products & services distribution.
petranna.db @design-time
petranna.db @run-time
petranna.db @provision-time
petranna.db @admin-time
SaaS multi-tenant database design using petranna.db service (watch our video)
  1. the architect of the subscribed ISV alters the existing database schema to a multitenant aware.
  2. the architect configures the appropriate data adapters to consume the transformed database schema.
  1. the preconfigured data adapters transform the SQL statements, by combining them with tenant metadata, which results in a multi-tenant centric dataset or operation.
  1. petranna.db registers tenant identity.
  2. petranna.db applies multi-tenant centric changes on logical, security and physical database schema.
  1. ISV administrator manages & operates a multi-tenant database.
  2. tenant administrator manages & operates conseptual tenant database.

petranna™.db Standard

MySQL SaaS.ready™
database service

standalone MySQL 8.0 - minimun 1 VM node

petranna™.db Professional

MySQL SaaS.ready™
high-available database service

MySQL InnoDB cluster 8.0 - minimun 2 VM nodes

petranna™.db Enterprise

MySQL SaaS.ready™
cluster aware database service

MySQL NDB cluster 8.0 - minimun 3 VM nodes

Cross-edition features

  • data multi-tenancy enabled RDBMS
  • data multi-tenancy codeless integration with data access layer, based on specific data adapters
  • codeless implementation of multi-tenancy provisioning
  • unlimited number of tennats on the same RDBMS instance
  • tenant-centric administration and data operation
  • topology is hosted on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • available on Windows or Linux OS

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